Hello, I’m Andee and I have been at Spirit at Play since May 2014. The moment I walked through the doorway Spirit at Play became my second home. Not long after beginning work here I knew that Early Childhood was my calling and so I switched my major from K-8 teaching to P-3. These little people make my days brighter and I love watching them grow and learn and joining them in all their victories in life, no matter how big or small.
A little more about me! I am originally from Spokane, and I moved to Montana in the summer of 2013 to attend the University of Montana, where I am still currently enrolled. In January of 2016 I moved to Stevensville with my boyfriend and our 4 dogs, 3 horses and 1 cat and various other animals! My free time is usually spent at home with my little tribe of animals outside or my boyfriend and I like to travel to Wisdom MT to visit friends and family or to hunt and enjoy the outdoors.

Teaching Philosophy:

As a teacher my philosophy is to love. One of the clear things that I remember from being in preschool is the love I felt from my teachers. No matter the choices I made each day I always felt safe and loved and encouraged to be myself. That is something I aspire to do each and every day; if you don’t quite know what to do in a situation, just stop and give love. Because that’s honestly all a child wants.

It always amazes me how much the children can grow and learn in their early life. Every victory a child has no matter how small, from putting their own shoes on to opening a cheese stick by themselves… it gives me joy to be by their side through it all!