Hello, I’m Hope and I have been teaching at Spirit at Play for the last 10 years! I have been teaching in Early Childhood Education for 30 years and counting. Time flies when you love what you do!

I am the mother of two grown children, Ryan and Rachel, a mother-in-law to Jack and most importantly a Nana to Mack Patrick. My husband Brett and I are especially loving our roles as Papa and Nana.

Children never cease to amaze me. With consistent kindness, patience and great listening ears for each other, the children and I create a strong bond which leads to a rich learning environment. I strive each day to never “give our children the answers to remember, but rather give them problems to solve.” I once read a Chinese proverb  that I often thing of: “One generation plants the trees, another gets the shade” I am proud to be nurturing the shade of tomorrow!


Teaching Philosophy:

Children are my passion! My role as a teacher is to welcome every child into my classroom and give them the patience and time to feel comfortable. I believe that children need consistent love and understanding to grow into themselves. To facilitate children’s development, I must be able to recognize the distinct stages of childhood development and teach to that level. All the while keeping in mind that each child is unique and develops at their own speed.

Play is the universal language of childhood! Play enhances cognitive skills, memory, vocabulary, cooperation and conflict resolution. When children feel safe and cared for, they can fully engage in play and learn amazing things!

Encouraging and celebrating children’s accomplishments keeps each child eager for more. Each child has untold potential and must be given the means and opportunity to fulfill that potential. Knowing each child as an individual and part of a whole class helps him /her to become a contributing member of society. Each day is a new adventure to unlock the mystery of each child’s developmental needs and discover how each child learns. The rest is easy!