Ciao! This is my third year teaching with Judy in the Chickadee classroom as the lead assistant. I have a degree in Fish and Wildlife Management and Ecology. I discovered early childhood education while I lived in Houston for a year, serving in an AmeriCorps program called Texas Episcopal Service Corps. While there I served my time at a Montessori preschool and quickly fell in love with all those precious faces. I soon discovered how fascinating it was to see how their young minds work and decided I wanted to pursue teaching more once I got home. I’m loving every bit of being at Spirit at Play and teaching these bright young people.

I am a world traveler, a goal of mine is to put my feet on all seven continents and a lifelong goal of mine is to visit every country on earth….quite the feat but one can dream! I love language and culture and meeting people who are different than me and who have different views on life. I love listening to music; any era of R&B, disco, pop, country keep me occupied on long road trips to Glacier. I’m a sports junkie….GO Griz, Bears, Astros, and Nets! I love the outdoors; especially hiking and camping, there is no better feeling to me than struggling to get up a mountain and then seeing that breath taking view! I guess the last thing you should know about me is winter is my absolute favorite! You might think I’m crazy but there is no better feeling than the crunch of snow under your boots and the tip of your nose being frozen….Love it!

Teaching Philosophy:

My teaching philosophy is to get kids outside and let the great outdoors serve as a vessel to shape their minds. I’m a huge proponent of play as a learning tool but even more so of playing outside without toys and letting imaginations run wild. When I become the lead teacher of our mixed group of chickadees and older children during the summer months, my assistant and I often bring the “classroom” with us wherever we are going to get the full outdoor classroom experience.┬áThere’s something magical that happens when you take a group of 5-year olds to the woods, mountains, or river.