Listed below are several passive ways to support SAP’s fund raising efforts throughout the year. Have a look and take part in any or all of the areas that sound appealing to you. Enjoy the opportunities that are available while supporting your child’s non-profit early child program!

Note: We are currently in the process of revamping our other major fundraising events. Have a great idea? Reach out and let us know, we’d love your thoughts and input!

Color Run Fundraiser

Join us on Sunday September 29th for the Color Run Fundraiser!  Proceeds will go towards a school scholarship fund for families in need. We’re excited to move forward in this direction!  Follow this link to register.

Quick Information Flyer

Color run Info Sheet

Good Searching

Enter Good Search and click on Spirit at Play and every search you make earns us a penny.  Considering how many times all of us are on the web doing searches, the pennies really start to add up!


Charitable Auto Resource Sales

A vehicle donation program.  Anyone can donate a car in our name which is sold at a local auction.  The title transfer and all auction fees are taken care of by this group.  SAP receives 70% of the sale after the title and auction fees are removed.  Vehicles that sell for less than the cost of the fees will not be passed onto SAP.  You may call their Donation line at 1-877-537-5277 or reach them on the web at charitable donations.



Merchant partners have teamed up with eScrip to reward customer loyalty by contributing a percentage of purchases to SAP.  Registration is simple, go to and click on “sign up”. Designate Spirit at Play to receive the contributions.  Register your grocery club cards and debit/credit cards on this site.  It is so simple!  All you have to do is register and shop as you normally do and our school reaps the benefits.

Pacific Recycling

Bring in your newspaper, card board, cans, copper, brass, steel, car batteries, large appliances and junk vehicles and give the money to Spirit at Play. We have an account with Pacific, when you drop your recyclables, just mention our name

Book Exchange

We love books! Parents may sell their used books to the Book Exchange and give the credit to Spirit at Play. SAP has an account ready and waiting for your book credit. The accumulation of credit will be used by the teaching staff to purchase used children’s books for the school.


Zoo Town Thrift Store

When you purchase an item or donate an item at the store located on Broadway and Russell, you get to vote for your favorite non-profit, Spirit at Play. The non-profit with the most votes for the month receives a check based on the items sold and the overhead for the store during the donation month.


Give Local Missoula

Each year, donors from all over the United States have an opportunity to give an electronic donation to local non-profits of their choice.  The minimum gift is $10.00 and there are often matching funds from local campaigns that bring the total higher for many non-profits.  Spirit at Play participates in this easy form of giving and in 2015, nearly $1,000.00 was raised for our humble non-profit.

Mabel’s Labels

Learn how the program works. It’s really easy! 

Simply visit, click the “Support A Fundraiser” button located on the top of your screen, and then select our School from the drop-down list.